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BIZNES-ANIMATOR has been dealing with issues related to business plans, financial and economic analyses, feasibility studies, financial reports, EU subsidies and project management since 2006.

In years 2006-2020 BIZNES-ANIMATOR achieved for its clients different types of funds for an amount over 1,5 billion PLN. Our company has been realizing projects (starting from submitting business plans and ending with project implementation management) both for private investors and units from public sector (such as police, offices, universities, cultural institutions, public research and development units, and so on).


BIZNES-ANIMATOR has been dealing with projects in industries such as:

  • construction/architecture,

  • research and development,

  • IT, hi-tech innovations,

  • environmental protection, recycling

  • transport and logistics, including public, intermodal, inland and maritime transport,

  • energetics (for example transformer stands),

  • highly advanced production facilities (in the wood, food and agricultural industries, as well as obtaining raw materials, etc.),

  • trade and e-commerce,

  • tourism and hospitality,

  • education,

  • medicine,

  • and many others.

BIZNES-ANIMATOR is made up of specialists from various industries such as finance, accounting, marketing, IT and human resources management. For more advanced projects our company cooperate with specialists in law, construction, real estate market, etc.

BIZNES-ANIMATOR has been engaged mainly in:

  • Business plans or feasibility studies for projects,

  • Application preparation for bank credits or low interest loans,

  • Financial, statistical and econometric analyses, reports

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA) mostly for road and railway projects,

  • Export Development Plan,

  • Investment profitability analyses,

  • Statistical and econometric research,

  • Budgeting, Controlling and cost analyses,

  • Financial reports, comparative sales results analyses,

  • Market data analyses,

  • Project implementation management,

  • and many others tailored to individual needs.

Services for Investor


The services we offer in this area are dedicated to investors / companies located both in Poland and abroad. The services offered by the BIZNES-ANIMATOR company can be implemented in both broader and narrower aspects, depending on the needs. We support both at the stage of project planning and its implementation.


Below are some suggestions for the offered services:

Market research and finding a convenient location in Poland (Project planning stage)

  • Market research and analysis in terms of a convenient investment location in Poland

  • Searching for specific properties for a planned investment in Poland according to defined criteria

  • Research on the demand for products / services in the Polish market and estimation of operating revenues


Estimation of the investment budget and financial analysis (Project planning phase)

  • Estimation of investment outlays - according to defined investment implementation variants

  • Detailed investment budget in the selected business model

  • Estimation of the operating costs of the project (i.e. the maintenance cost of the project in the operating period) along with the demand for net working capital in a given period

  • Preparation of financial forecasts for the project: Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Account, Balance Sheet - taking into account previously estimated revenues, costs, net working capital, credit, leasing or tax liabilities in a given period of analysis

  • Investment profitability analysis - NPV, IRR, ROS, ROE, ROI, other financial indicators and the break even point (BEP)

Risk and sensitivity analysis (Project planning phase)

  • Defining key investment risks, i.e. legal, financial and market restrictions related to the proposed variant

  • Analysis of the sensitivity of financial ratios to a change in the identified risk factors



Organization and coordination the investment process (Project implementation phase)

Coordination of processes related to the launch of investments in Poland, e.g.

  • establishing a company in Poland

  • coordination of the land purchase process and launching the project

  • obtaining the necessary permits at the construction stage

  • support in the selection of contractors / suppliers and control over the efficient and timely implementation of the project

  • reporting on the progress of the investment implementation process

  • team building and selection of support service providers

  • other project support services


Assistance in obtaining financing (Project implementation phase)

  • preparation of documents necessary to apply for financing (business plan, application, feasibility study, other required)

  • client representation in the financing institution


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in our office in Poznań (Bukowska 76/8 street, Poland) ,after arranging the date and time of the meeting


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phone: +48 600-956-111

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