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Comprehensive service for investors starting or developing business in Poland

We invite every investor to cooperate. Our team's responsibilities include: - preparation of a business plan / feasibility study of the planned investment, - preparation of investment profitability analysis in many strategic variants (including selection of the best variant), - preliminary cost estimation of investments (based on publicly available price databases) - obtaining an external source of investment financing in the form of an investment loan (preparation of all required documents for financing institutions), - searching for a suitable property / location for a new investment, - organization of a team of employees, - organization of contractors / suppliers /partners, - implementation of many marketing and sales processes related to the start / development of investments, - management, control, reporting during investment implementation, - with the cooperation of our partners, assistance in solving legal, tax, customs, public procurement and other problems, - other services tailored to the individual needs of the Investor.

Our team has extensive experience in this type of investment throughout the country.

For more details of our cooperation please contact us!

Phone: +48 600-956-111


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