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BIZNES-ANIMATOR helps foreign investors to start or develop their business in Poland

If you want to start or develop your business in Poland and you seek for any help, you aimed to the right company. Our team can support you with:

  • drawing up a business plan / feasibility study for your project (with estimation of outlays, operating costs and profits),

  • preparing market data analyses (basing on prices and existing market competition),

  • preparing an application for bank credit / loan,

  • finding up a real estate in the right localization for your business,

  • selecting a team of employees for the project,

  • arranging partners / contractors / suppliers,

  • managing, controlling, reporting the progress of the project,

  • organizing different sales and marketing processes,

  • providing legal, tax and other assistance (with the help of our associates),

  • many other business services tailored to your individual needs.

​​Do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: +48 600-956-111


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